Xiangshui Hongsheng Bearing Co., Ltd.

Adapter Sleeve and Bearing Housing Producer

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Xiangshui Hongsheng Bearing Co., Ltd. (formerly Xiangshui County Red Star Tightening Bushing Factory) was born in October 2000. It is a professional manufacturer of bearing accessories - compact bushings, unloading bu...

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 Company name:  Xiangshui Hongsheng Bearing Co., Ltd.
 Contact person:  Hongjun(Click to contact)
 Address:  Branch 2 Road, Open Source Industrial Park,Xiangshui County Economic Development Zone
 Telephone:  +86-0515-86622862
 Fax:  +86-0515-86621099
 Web site:  http://xs-hongsheng.com
 Email:  zhj@xs-hongsheng.com