Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd.

A Long Experienced (Since 1958) Grand Comprenhensive Bearing Service Enterprise Seeking for Worldwide Distributor and Wholesalers

 Bearing Manufacturer   11thYear
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About Us

About ZYS

Since 1958, ZYS has been committed to the research and development of high-tech, precise, cutting-edge, specialized and special bearings, and relevant products. Our products have been used for aviation...

Interested in becoming one of global distributor of ZYS?

ZYS is seeking for worldwide distributors and wholesalers of our product. ZYS is one of China high tech top quality famous bearing brands with wide market oppourtunity. If any companies are interested in any ty...


Founded in 1986,the state Center of Bearing Quality Supervision and Inspection is the legal state-level institution of bearing quality supervision and inspection,authorized by the State and with the imartial status as...

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 Company name:  Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd.
 Contact person:  Ms. Deng(Click to contact)  
 Address:  No.1 Jilin Road, Luoyang City,Henan Province,China
 Zip:  471039
 Telephone:  86 0379-64883038
 Fax:  86 0379-64881529
 Web site:
 Whatsapp:  8618697798181