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Luoyang Huipu Bearing Manufacture Co.,Ltd founded in 1998, located in Luoyang City Yiyang County Industrial Park bearing industry gathering area. My company has a car, heat, grinding automatic production line and other production equipment 262 life test sets, 136 sets of high-precision testing equipment. Is a professional P2, P4 class high-speed ultra-precision long-life bearing production of high-tech enterprises. LYHP to stringent quality control procedures, strict process control to achieve the Cape precision bearings; selection of high nitrogen bearing steel as raw material + special heat treatment technology, LYHP precision bearing life increased 6-10 times, realized LYHP precision bearings long life.
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Telephone: +86-379-63089801
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Address: Luoyang, Henan Province Yiyang County Industrial Park industrial clustering bearing
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