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Boost uptime and productivity with SKF MultiPoint Automatic Lubricators

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Aug 03,2022


“Automatic multi-point lubricators are increasingly becoming an essential component for maintenance programmes,” says SKF Product Manager – MaPro, Eddie Martens. “Switching to automatic lubrication can reduce operational costs significantly by helping to eliminate failures related to excessive or insufficient lubrication.”

The proven SKF MultiPoint Automatic Lubricator TLMP series consists of a centralised, ready-to-use lubrication system that automatically lubricates multiple bearing lubrication points in rotating equipment, offering the perfect solution for applications where there are multiple lubrication points. This technologically advanced system has been specially developed by SKF for industrial applications as well as agricultural and off-road vehicles.

Supplying from one to as many as eighteen lubrication points, the cycle control sensor of the multipoint automatic lubricators ensures the delivery of the appropriate lubrication quantity to outlets at the required frequency every time. This results in minimising friction and wear, thereby optimising bearing life, boosting bearing performance and equipment reliability, ultimately increasing uptime and production.  

“Automated lubrication is the clear choice,” affirms Martens. “Owing to the precision of this system, over- and under-lubrication of bearings is eliminated. Both over- and under-lubrication can have significant cost implications. Excess lubricant is not only costly but causes the grease to end up in the environment. The automatic grease lubrication system has been designed to reduce oil consumption and grease waste, aligning with SKF’s global green-the-environment approach. Under-lubrication on the other hand, can lead to equipment failure and subsequent unplanned stoppages to allow for repairs or bearings replacements. This also requires labour, further adding to costs.” Martens also points out that a properly lubricated machine is more energy efficient too.

Martens highlights worker safety as another major and very important benefit of SKF’s automated lubrication system. He explains: “Lubricant points are often in very hard-to-reach locations. With an automatic lubrication system in place, technicians or operators are no longer put in risky situations having to manually apply lubricant while machinery is operating.” A further value-add safety feature is that the TLMP system is equipped with low-level and malfunction alarms which alert operators when the reservoir is empty or when an outlet is blocked. In addition, the system enables machine steering to temporarily disable lubrication by removing power.

The system features a metal housing, a one-liter reservoir capacity, a stirring paddle to prevent grease separation, making it suitable for more lubricants. The pump element has a maximum operating pressure of 120 bar and the system also includes pluggable outlets available in various voltages.

The durable TLMP series features a IP67 protection rating and is engineered to resist vibration, withstand repeated equipment wash downs and prevent contaminant entry in the machinery environment.

The robust TLMP series is supplied in a complete kit fitted with a lubricator, required tubing, and connectors. The system is easy to install and program through the simple use of the keypad with a LED display.  

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