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The low temperature spindle bearing developed by ZYS promoted successful run of China First Large Thrust Reusable Liquid Oxygen Kerosene Main Engine

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Dec 01,2022

On November 26, the first two start-up tests of the 130 ton class reusable liquid oxygen kerosene staged combustion cycle engine developed by Xi'an Aerospace Power Research Institute were successful. The Low temperature spindle bearing developed by ZYS played a crucial role in this test run.

ZYS Promoted China's First Large Thrust Reusable Liquid Oxygen Kerosene Main Engine to Successful Test Run

Liquid rocket engines work in the harsh environment of high temperature, high pressure and large vibration. Traditional engines are designed for one-time use. Reuse of liquid rocket power systems is one of the key technologies that must be broken through to achieve the reuse of space launch vehicles. The success of the first two start-up tests of the 130 ton reusable liquid oxygen kerosene staged combustion cycle engine will strongly support the development of China's reusable space launch vehicles, meet the needs of China's space station operations and other space activities, and improve China's ability to enter and exit space on a large scale and at a low cost.

ZYS Promoted China's First Large Thrust Reusable Liquid Oxygen Kerosene Main Engine to Successful Test Run

Reuse of liquid oxygen kerosene staged combustion cycle engine has put forward unprecedented high requirements for bearing lubrication, life and reliability indicators. High speed and heavy load working conditions have extremely high requirements for bearing anti fatigue and anti vibration performance, while reuse in liquid oxygen environment has extremely stringent requirements for bearing sustainable lubrication capacity. In the face of many difficulties, ZYS military research and development team actively organized the backbone to set up a project research team to analyze and formulate a demonstration scheme, respectively, to carry out experimental research on the collaborative lubrication of self-lubricating cage and raceway surface modification, digital simulation analysis of fatigue resistance, and simulation of the impact of repeated starting shock and vibration environment on the dynamic performance of bearings, breaking through the core technology of sustainable lubrication of bearings The service life and operation reliability of the bearing are improved. The ZYS technical team repeatedly discussed the trial production, repeatedly communicated with the user, verified and overcome the technical difficulties one by one, met the requirements of bearing operation stability, "robustness" and lubrication sustainability under repeated use conditions, ensured that the service life and reliability of the bearing effectively supported the repeated use of the rocket engine, and finally successfully completed the commissioning task, which was highly recognized by the customer.

Through the implementation of this project, the sustainable lubrication technology of ZYS spindle bearing in ultra-low temperature environment has been expanded, and the comprehensive performance of the spindle bearing has been significantly improved. As a major supporting unit in the domestic aerospace field, the company adheres to the eternal goal of basing itself on national defense, serving national defense, exploring the frontier and making scientific and technological innovation, and will continue to use sophisticated rolling bearing technology to work with users to provide strong support for building a powerful aerospace country!

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ZYS focuses on developing high-performance bearing products for key units of national economic construction. We perform batch production of various high-rank bearing products and components with inner diameter of 0.6mm to outer diameter of 6.8m. We are mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of precision bearing, special bearing, high-speed machine tool spindle, bearing special equipment, bearing testing instruments, bearing testing machine and bearing special materials, which are widely used in the fields of aerospace, machine tools, wind power generation, mine metallurgy, petrochemical, medical equipment, automobiles and rail transit, construction machinery, intelligent manufacturing services, etc.

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Address: No.6 Fenghua Road Road, Luoyang City,Henan Province,China

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