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Highlights of Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia 2022

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Dec 05,2022


TPS is an industry event that offers an integral forum for the exchange of ideas between rotating equipment engineers and technicians worldwide. TPS is known for its spirited engagement with turbomachinery, pump, oil and gas, petrochemical, power, aerospace, chemical, and water industries through its peer-reviewed technical program and world-class exhibition.

Overall, the conference saw 3,815 attendees, hosted 94 technical sessions, and had 274 exhibiting companies. Many attendees commented on the value of networking conversation at the show. From 2021 to 2022, TPS saw an increase in international delegates, with just 19 countries represented in 2021, to 44 countries represented in 2022. Below is a taste of the booths we had the chance to visit.

At the recent Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia in Houston, Sundyne showcased a wide range of Pumps & Centrifugal Compressors that are used in gas processing applications such as: amine treating, molecular sieve dehydration, cryogenic processing & distillation, and fractionation applications, which remove carbon atoms and separate heavier hydrocarbons (such as Ethane, Propane and Butane) from gas streams.

Sundyne’s LMV 311 pumps were on display at TPS, because they are widely used within the hydrocarbon, petrochemical and power generation markets. Sundyne’s LMV (Line Mounted Vertical) pumps are specifically engineered for high-head, low-flow, heavy-duty services. They’re commonly deployed as booster pumps, bottoms pumps, reflux pumps and condensate pumps in reformer, hydrotreater, hydrocracker and isomerization process units.

Sundyne’s centrifugal integrally geared compressors, such as the LMC/BMC/LF-2000 series are widely used in refineries and petrochemical plants to compress hydrogen and other critical gasses, for various applications such as: injection, scrubbing, dehydration, regeneration and H2S removal. Each Sundyne compressor is custom-built to provide pulsation–and vibration-free operation and to deliver oil-free process gas with zero emissions.

As every industry seeks to lower its carbon footprint, the interest in using Hydrogen for power generation, transportation and other applications continues to increase. Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier, and it can be stored for extended periods of time, which makes it a valuable complement to other renewable sources in the electricity system.

PPI diaphragm compressors are specifically designed to compress H2 from low-pressure levels (such as electrolyzer outlet pressure) up to the 700 bar levels that are required by today’s vehicles that run on Hydrogen. The reason diaphragm compressors are popular for Hydrogen applications is that they address the following requirements:

High-Compression Ratios

Product Purity


Environmental Safety

Lower Energy Costs

Industry Standards compliance

In addition to the API-compliant pumps & compressors on display at the show, Sundyne also showcased its range of sealless magnetic-drive pumps, which are commonly deployed outside of the battery limit in wastewater facilities.

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