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2022 Dec Excellent Quality Product Recommendation--Self-Lubricating Bearing from Marginal Bearing

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Dec 14,2022

We are pleased to recommend 2022 Dec Excellent quality self lubricating bearing from Marginal Bearingwhich is 10 plus years member of and, super trustworthy and efficient, you can be 100% assured to cooperate with this company!

If you need metal-polymer composite bearing,Bimetallic composite bearing, Metallic self lubricating bearing and Plastic self lubricating bearing, you can directly send email to or view and for more info.

Today, we will recommend five main products from Marginal Bearing, including Metal-Polymer Composite Bearings,MG-TEX Steel with PTFE Fiber Fabric Bearings,MG-1A Aluminum matrix composite bearing,MG-800 Bimetallic Self-lubricating Bushes and MG-090 Bronze Wrapped Bushings.

1.Metal-Polymer Composite Bearings

2.MG-1A Aluminum matrix composite bearing

3.MG-TEX Steel with PTFE Fiber Fabric Bearings

4.MG-800 Bimetallic Self-lubricating Bushes

5.MG-090 Bronze Wrapped Bushings

About Marginal Bearing

As a specialized manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings & bushings, Marginal Bearing, who was founded in year 2010, is devoted to researching and producing new self-lubricating bearing materials. After years of work, we have successfully developed various bearing materials with many different standard bearing sizes, including Three-layer Metal-polymer self-lubricating bearings, Two-layer metal-polymer self-lubricating bearings, Bi-metal composite self-lubricating bearings, Copper wrapped boundary lubricating bearings, High performance steel bearing, Plastic compound materials bearings and Filament wound composite materials bearings.

Applications covered are automotive industry, construction machinery, plastic manufacturing machinery, OA machinery, material handling equipment, dock side machinery and hydraulic transmission parts. In brief, our bearings can be used wherever there is rotation or linear motion between mechanical parts where lubricating is not allowed or external lubricating accessibility is limited.

With more than 10 years of experience on research, production and promotion of self-lubricating bearings, Marginal Bearing can deliver not only high-performance products but also high-quality services, such as material selection, simulation test, engineering design and installation. The self-lubricating bearing and technology is now performing its beneficiary roles in the traditional industry area and further more providing variable solutions in the industry areas related to our daily life such as the public transportation, entertainment, energy, civil construction, environment protection facilities and aerospace industry.

Marginal Bearing will continue to create value through high-performance self-lubricating products and protect the earth by using environmentally RoHS-compliant materials. We believe that our responsibility is to promote enterprise change to create an internal driving force for our society.

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