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Useful knowledge about cylindrical roller bearings

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May 25,2023

Cylindrical roller bearings are an essential component in a wide range of industrial applications. They are used to support and guide rotating machinery, such as machine tools, printing presses, and heavy machinery. These bearings are designed to withstand high radial loads, and they are available in various configurations to suit different applications. In this article, GSNK Bearing will discuss some useful knowledge about cylindrical roller bearings.

Types of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings are available in a variety of types, including:

  1. Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings  These bearings have a single row of cylindrical rollers that run in a straight line. They are suitable for high radial loads and moderate axial loads.

  2. Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings  These bearings have two rows of cylindrical rollers that run in parallel. They can handle higher radial loads than single-row bearings and also support limited axial loads.

  3. Multi-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings  These bearings have multiple rows of cylindrical rollers that run in parallel. They are designed to handle extremely high radial loads and moderate axial loads.

  4. Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings  These bearings have no cage, and the rollers fill the space between the inner and outer rings completely. They are designed to handle high radial loads but cannot support any axial load.

  5. Cage-guided Cylindrical Roller Bearings  These bearings have a cage that separates and guides the rollers. They can handle high radial loads and moderate axial loads.

Selection Criteria

When selecting cylindrical roller bearings, there are several factors to consider, including:

  1. Load Capacity  The load capacity of the bearing is determined by its size, number of rollers, and material composition. The bearing must be able to withstand the maximum load it will encounter during operation.

  2. Speed  The speed at which the bearing needs to operate will determine the type of lubrication required and the accuracy of the bearing. High-speed applications require bearings that have a high level of accuracy and precision.

  3. Operating Temperature  The operating temperature of the bearing is critical in determining the lifespan of the bearing. The type of lubricant used and the material composition of the bearing will influence its operating temperature.

  4. Mounting and Disassembly  The ease of mounting and disassembly of the bearing is essential during maintenance and repair activities. Bearings that are difficult to mount or disassemble can increase downtime and maintenance costs.


Proper lubrication is essential for the proper operation and lifespan of cylindrical roller bearings. Lubrication reduces friction and wear, dissipates heat, and prevents corrosion. There are several types of lubricants available, including:

  1. Grease  Grease is a suitable lubricant for low to moderate speed applications. It adheres well to surfaces and provides long-lasting lubrication.

  2. Oil  Oil is a suitable lubricant for high-speed applications. It flows more freely than grease and dissipates heat more effectively.

  3. Solid Lubricants  Solid lubricants, such as graphite and molybdenum disulfide, are used in applications where high temperatures or extreme pressure conditions exist.


Proper maintenance is essential for the longevity of cylindrical roller bearings. Some maintenance tasks include:

  1. Visual Inspection  Regular visual inspections should be conducted to check for wear, damage, or contamination.

  2. Lubrication  The bearing should be lubricated according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  3. Mounting and Disassembly  Proper mounting and disassembly procedures should be followed to prevent damage to the bearing or surrounding components.

  4. Replacement  Bearings that are worn or damaged should be replaced promptly to prevent further damage to the machinery.


Cylindrical roller bearings are an essential component in many industrial applications. Selecting the right bearing, proper lubrication, and regular maintenance can ensure their longevity and optimal performance. Industrial machinery relies on cylindrical roller bearings to function correctly, so it is essential to understand the types of bearings and their specifications to make informed decisions during the selection process and maintenance procedures.

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