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2023 June ZWZ latest news:Global Interview team visited ZWZ from 11 countries

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Jun 15,2023

2023 June ZWZ latest news:Online celebrities visited ZWZ from 11 countries

On June 1st, a group of over 70 internet celebrity bloggers from 11 countries and media outlets in Liaoning came to ZWZ Group to experience the power of China's intelligent manufacturing industry. Zhang Shaorui, Deputy Director of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Cyberspace Office, Wang Xu, Director of the Dalian Municipal Party Committee Cyberspace Office, and Yu Xiaoxia, Deputy Director, attended the event. Zhang Xinghai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Group Company, accompanied by company leaders such as Sun Shicheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union. Zhang Yuanyuan, member of the Standing Committee of Wafangdian Municipal Committee and head of publicity, attended the event.

2023 June ZWZ latest news:Online celebrities visited ZWZ from 11 countries

In the corporate culture corridor of ZWZ Group Precision Technology and Manufacturing Industrial Park Transmission Bearing Company, Zhang Xinghai talked about the company's historical evolution, development layout, and significant achievements over the years. The proportion of data on supporting bearings in fields such as wind power, new energy, metallurgical machinery, rail transit, and transmission machinery, as well as the incremental support provided by enterprises for regional development, ZWZ, as an equipment manufacturing enterprise, showcases its pioneering and unwavering drive with exciting data.

What does ZWZ rely on to catch up and surpass? One of the answers is the three major engineering products of strengthening the foundation, sailing, and piloting. Shield machine cutterhead bearings, wind turbine spindle bearings, gearbox bearings... have all achieved counter trend growth.

2023 June ZWZ latest news:Online celebrities visited ZWZ from 11 countries

2023 June ZWZ latest news:Online celebrities visited ZWZ from 11 countries

2023 June ZWZ latest news:Online celebrities visited ZWZ from 11 countries

The members of the interview team walked and watched all the way. The changes brought about by the adaptive organizational construction of ZWZ, as well as the assessment of worker skill levels as a platform for employee growth, have all clearly brought ZWZ into a new era of development.

The safety training room, quality training room, and the shared employee home (ZWZ employee station) under construction all reflect the company's concern for safety, pursuit of quality, and humanistic care for employees. The international online translator of China Central Radio and Television Corporation pointed to the shared employee home under construction and said, "The income of the employees is high, their pockets are bulging, and the employees here are full of vitality

In the face of the complex and volatile international and domestic situation, ZWZ has withstood the severe test, and strengthened the confidence and determination of "winning 8 billion" and "over 10 billion in three years". In order to accelerate the construction of "two pilot areas" and "three centers", and to be a good new era for Northeast Area Revitalization Plan to revitalize the "high jump team".

2023 June ZWZ latest news:Online celebrities visited ZWZ from 11 countries

2023 June ZWZ latest news:Online celebrities visited ZWZ from 11 countries

At the assembly site of the transmission bearing company, there is an online assembly of wind power gearbox planetary carrier bearings produced for a well-known domestic wind turbine manufacturing enterprise, and a shield machine cutterhead bearing assembled for a key domestic engineering manufacturing enterprise. This Assembly line can reduce the labor intensity of employees, improve work efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for future online assembly, online detection, and online sleeve assembly. The members of the interview team all raised their cameras to clock in.

There is still a lot of room for development in intelligent manufacturing, "Zhang Xinghai said when asked by reporters.

I am very interested in industry, and I have some knowledge of industry leaders like ZWZ. Countless firsts in Chinese bearings come from here. "Journalists from People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and Beiguo News Agency asked Sun Shicheng from time to time.

Seizing new opportunities, consensus is gathering, and the path is clearer.

The interview team came to the precision grinding workshop and wind power bearing production and manufacturing base of the super large bearing subsidiary, and was amazed where the wind power bearings, which are two and a half people tall, are used? Is there a high requirement for accuracy? Won't it deform For a while, wind power generation has become a high-frequency buzzword again.

2023 June ZWZ latest news:Online celebrities visited ZWZ from 11 countries

After listening to the introduction of the enterprise's development strategy path at the National Large Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center, members of the interview team praised the development prospects of the tile shaft.

Arriving at the largest ZWZ Group Bearing Workers' Cultural Center in the Liaonan region with nearly 30 years of history, upon entering the hall, a profound corporate culture atmosphere fills one's face. The ZWZ Historical Exhibition Hall, a landmark building with a sense of the times and the origin of bearings, records the dreams of many generations of Wazi people, and carries an important time node for the development of Wazi and Chinese bearings, as well as a record of significant achievements in the development history of the enterprise. Countless "firsts" in China's bearing industry, every point and every place embodies the deep affection of ZWZ people.

2023 June ZWZ latest news:Online celebrities visited ZWZ from 11 countries

Members of the interview team checked in at the entrance of the Bearing Workers' Cultural Center as a souvenir.

By car, we arrived at the Qimingxing Building College Student Apartment of ZWZ Group's Nesting and Phoenix Attraction Building. We walked into the bookish tiled staff bookstore and listened to the staff's introduction. The interview team members once again felt the profound cultural heritage of tiled shafts.

2023 June ZWZ latest news:Online celebrities visited ZWZ from 11 countries

It is urgent to focus on the bearing industry, deeply cultivate the main industry of bearings, and accelerate the high-quality development of ZWZ.

"Look at the scene, read the details, and ask for tips. Explore the development path of this bearing manufacturing enterprise together, and you can read a strong development signal." Visiting international and domestic Internet celebrities have published their views and feelings about this 85 year old enterprise through official websites, microblogs, Tiktok and other platforms.

About ZWZ

ZWZ has 9 manufacturing bases, 10 business divisions, 26 wholly-owned and holding branch companies and subsidiaries globally.
ZWZ owns two bearing brands, ZWZ and 
KRW. The company adopts international standards and can produce more than 20,000 specifications of bearing products in ten categories with various precision levels from 20mm inner diameter to 16m outer diameter, which are mainly used in industrial equipments, railway transportation, automotive vehicles, wind power and special applications.
ZWZ has a national large-scale bearing engineering and technology research center, a national enterprise technology center, a bearing inspection and test center, and overseas R&D centers in Europe and the United States, that has established 8 technology innovation platforms concerning simulating calculation, materials, lubrication, inspection and so on.



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