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ZWZ Sendzimir Rolling Mill Bearings

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Jun 27,2023

Senzimir rolling mill

The production capacity of cold rolled steel strip is one of the indicators of the development level of a country's steel industry. At present, industrialized countries often use multi roll cold rolling mills to produce metal strips made of stainless steel, silicon steel, alloy steel, and other materials.

The emergence of cold rolled steel strips is attributed to the patented invention of Dr. Tadeusz Sendzimir, the father of rolling mills. In 1931, Dr. Senjimir obtained the patent of continuous galvanizing method, which is still the basis of current galvanizing. In 1932, he obtained a patent for the use of small work rolls and rigid body cold rolled strip steel. The first Z-H igh rolling mill was started in Poland for rolling low-carbon strip steel. In 1933, Dr. Senzimir invented a 20 high rolling mill, which can roll ultra-thin alloy strips with high precision, high hardness and large deformation resistance, and has low rolling energy consumption and high precision of finished products. This technological invention has promoted the further innovation of productivity, so in memory of Dr. Senjimir, the inventor of this type of rolling mill, this type of rolling mill is named after Senjimir.

Senzimir rolling mill bearings

ZWZ Sendzimir Rolling Mill Bearings

ZWZ Sendzimir Rolling Mill Bearings

The bearings of the Sendzimir rolling mill are mainly used on the support rollers of the Sendzimir rolling mill. Bearings require high rotational speed, high load-bearing capacity, high accuracy, long service life, and intermittent alternating use.

In the design, manufacturing, and testing of bearings for the Senzimir rolling mill, ZWZ innovates the design theory and processing technology of this series of bearings based on the characteristics of high speed, high load, and high precision, determines new structural types and design standards, and reasonably matches the contact ratio between the ring and the roller. Considering the need for high-speed operation, a process control method was designed to prevent bearing heating. And the contact edge of the outer ring contact surface of the bearing was optimized, extending the service life of the bearing. At the same time, personalized design and modification of bearings are carried out according to the operating conditions.

The new structure, new process, and new design concept are the first in the same industry in China. During the use process, the customer believes that the Senzimir rolling mill bearings of ZWZ not only approach or even reach the level of imported brands in terms of lifespan; Moreover, in terms of accuracy, it is also the same as imported products, and the Senzimir rolling mill bearings have now replaced imported ones. Through the successful development of Senzimir rolling mill bearings, ZWZ has now formed a complete set of design process standards for Senzimir rolling mill bearings, filling the gap in the domestic market.

Process Manufacturing and Control

ZWZ Sendzimir Rolling Mill Bearings

To ensure the design and operational requirements required for the bearings of the Senzimir rolling mill, ZWZ strictly controls the production and manufacturing process. Whether it is the difference in radial clearance, the difference in inner and outer ring wall thickness, or the requirement for grinding allowance of bearing outer rings, ZWZ strictly and effectively supervises the manufacturing process information through an MES management system. With the joint collaboration of experienced engineers and technicians, the product has undergone 61 strict processes to ensure the accuracy and operational characteristics of the ZWZ Sendzimir rolling mill bearings that you expected. We always keep our mission in mind and ingeniously manufacture more durable bearings to provide you with true quality assurance.

About ZWZ

ZWZ has 9 manufacturing bases, 10 business divisions, 26 wholly-owned and holding branch companies and subsidiaries globally.
ZWZ owns two bearing brands, ZWZ and 
KRW. The company adopts international standards and can produce more than 20,000 specifications of bearing products in ten categories with various precision levels from 20mm inner diameter to 16m outer diameter, which are mainly used in industrial equipments, railway transportation, automotive vehicles, wind power and special applications.
ZWZ has a national large-scale bearing engineering and technology research center, a national enterprise technology center, a bearing inspection and test center, and overseas R&D centers in Europe and the United States, that has established 8 technology innovation platforms concerning simulating calculation, materials, lubrication, inspection and so on.



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