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NTN Notice regarding Change of Executive Personnel

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Jun 26,2023


NTN Corporation (hereafter, the Company) announced that the change of Directors that was adopted at the 124th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders as well as the chairperson of the Board of Directors, chairpersons and members of the Nominating, Audit and Compensation Committees at the subsequently held Board of Directors meeting.

1. Directors (as of June 27, 2023)Director    Eiichi Ukai    Representative Executive Officer,

Executive Officer,

Director    Hideaki Miyazawa    Representative Executive Officer,
Executive Officer    

Director    Masaki Egami    Executive Officer    

Director    Masaaki Yamamoto    Executive Officer    

Director    Shumpei Kinoshita    Executive Officer    (Newly appointed)    

Director    Isao Ozako    

Outside Director    Ryo Kawakami    

Outside Director    Tomonori Nishimura    

Outside Director    Yuriya Komatsu    Chairperson of Board of Directors    

Outside Director    Akira Murakoshi    

Outside Director    Yasuo Kitani    (Newly appointed)    

2. Committee Members (as of June 27, 2023)

(1) Nominating Committee

Chairperson    Akira Murakoshi    Outside Director    

Member    Ryo Kawakami    Outside Director    

Member    Yasuo Kitani    Outside Director    

Member    Eiichi Ukai    Director    

Member    Isao Ozako    Director    

(2) Audit Committee

Chairperson    Yasuo Kitani    Outside Director    

Member    Ryo Kawakami    Outside Director    

Member    Tomonori Nishimura    Outside Director    

Member    Isao Ozako    Director    

(3) Compensation Committee

Chairperson    Tomonori Nishimura    Outside Director    

Member    Yuriya Komatsu    Outside Director    

Member    Akira Murakoshi    Outside Director    

Member    Eiichi Ukai    Director    

Member    Masaaki Yamamoto    Director    

[Reference] Executive Officers (as of April 1, 2023)




Eiichi Ukai*    Representative Executive Officer, President, Executive Officer    

CEO(Chief Executive Officer)

Corporate General Manager, Group Management HQ.

Hideaki Miyazawa*    Representative Executive Officer, Executive Officer    

Corporate General Manager, Automotive Business HQ.

Hiroyuki Ichikawa    Executive Officer    

Deputy Corporate General Manager, Automotive Business HQ.

Composite Material Product Division

Masaki Egami*    Executive Officer    

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Research Division

New Product & Business Strategic Planning HQ.

Takanobu Ozawa    Executive Officer    

Americas Region

Legal Dept.

Internal Control Dept.

Masayuki Kaimi    Executive Officer    

Corporate General Manager, SCM Strategy HQ.

China Region

Production Engineering Development HQ.

Yasuhiro Kawabata    Executive Officer    

Deputy Corporate General Manager, Group Management HQ.

Human Resources Strategy Dept.

Personnel Dept.

General Affairs Dept.

Shumpei Kinoshita    Executive Officer    

Deputy Corporate General Manager, Group Management HQ.

Corporate Strategy Dept.

ESG Promotion Dept.

Carbon Neutrality Strategy Promotion Dept.

 Koji Takahashi    Executive Officer    

Green Energy Products Division

ICT Strategy Dept.

Etsu Harima    Executive Officer    

Aftermarket Business HQ.

Industrial Business HQ.

Quality Assurance HQ.


ASEAN, Oceania, and West Asia Region

India Region

Masaaki Yamamoto*    Executive Officer    

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Deputy Corporate General Manager, Group Management HQ.

Financial Strategy Dept.

Accounting Dept.

Europe & Africa Region


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