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What is the method for preloading angular contact ball bearings

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Aug 14,2023

What is the method for preloading angular contact ball bearings


Preloading angular contact ball bearings is a technique used to eliminate internal clearances or backlash within the bearings, which helps improve their accuracy, stiffness, and performance in various applications. Proper preloading ensures that the rolling elements maintain constant contact with the bearing raceways, resulting in reduced vibration, increased rigidity, and improved load distribution.

Here's a general method for preloading angular contact ball bearings:

1.Select the Preload Amount: Determine the amount of preload required for your specific application. The preload amount is typically specified as a percentage of the bearing's dynamic radial load rating. The specific value depends on factors such as the application's load and speed requirements.

2.Choose the Preload Method: There are several methods for preloading angular contact ball bearings, including axial (end play) preload and radial (radial internal clearance) preload. The method you choose will depend on the bearing design and your application requirements.

3.Assemble Bearings: Mount the bearings onto the shaft and in the housing according to the manufacturer's instructions.

4.Apply Preload: Depending on the chosen method, apply the preload using one of the following techniques:

a. Axial Preload: This method involves applying a specific axial force to the bearings. This force can be achieved using precision spacers, nuts, or threaded components. As the axial force is applied, it reduces the internal clearance in the bearings.

b. Radial Preload: With this method, you can adjust the internal clearance by selecting bearings with the appropriate radial internal clearance. Bearings with greater internal clearance will have less preload, while those with less internal clearance will have more preload.

5.Measure Preload: It's essential to measure the actual preload to ensure that it matches the desired preload amount. This can be done using specialized preload measuring tools or techniques, such as measuring the axial displacement of the bearing under a known axial load.

6.Verify Performance: After preloading, check the performance of the bearings in your application. Monitor factors such as temperature, vibration, noise, and load distribution to ensure that the preloading process has achieved the desired results.

7.Fine-Tuning: If necessary, you might need to fine-tune the preload by making small adjustments to achieve optimal performance. This may involve disassembling the bearings, modifying spacers, or using different bearing sizes.

8.Documentation: Keep accurate records of the preloading process, including the preload amount applied, measurements taken, and any adjustments made. This documentation is valuable for future maintenance and troubleshooting.

It's crucial to note that preloading bearings requires a good understanding of the specific bearing design, application requirements, and the preload method chosen. Incorrect preloading can lead to premature bearing failure or suboptimal performance. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and consult with experts if needed.


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