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What is bearing preload?

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Aug 29,2023

What is bearing preload?

1.jpgBearing preload refers to the application of a controlled axial load (force along the axis) to a bearing or a set of bearings before they are installed in a machine or assembly. The purpose of bearing preload is to remove any internal clearance within the bearing and ensure that the rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) are held in constant contact with the bearing raceways.

The primary benefits of bearing preload include:

1.Reduced Internal Clearance: Bearings typically have a small amount of internal clearance, which is the space left between the rolling elements and the raceways. Preloading the bearing eliminates this clearance, ensuring that there is no play or movement within the bearing assembly. This can enhance the accuracy and responsiveness of the machine.

2.Minimized Vibration and Noise: With reduced internal clearance, the rolling elements stay in contact with the raceways more consistently. This minimizes vibration, noise, and any potential rattling that might occur due to movement within the bearing.

3.Improved Stiffness: Preloading increases the overall stiffness of the bearing assembly, making it more resistant to deflection under load. This is particularly important in applications where precise positioning and stability are crucial.

4.Increased Rigidity: By eliminating internal clearance, bearing preload can enhance the overall rigidity of the assembly. This is especially important in machines where deflection or flexing could affect performance or accuracy.

5.Enhanced Load Distribution: Preloading helps to evenly distribute the load across the rolling elements, reducing the risk of localized stress concentration and increasing the bearing's overall load-carrying capacity.

Bearing preload is commonly used in applications such as high-precision machinery, automotive suspensions, and other scenarios where tight tolerances and precise control are required. However, it's important to note that over-preloading can lead to excessive friction, heat generation, and premature wear of the bearing components. Therefore, proper engineering and careful consideration of the preload amount are essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the bearing assembly.


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