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What is the difference between precision bearings and ordinary bearings?

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Sep 05,2023

What is the difference between precision bearings and ordinary bearings?

1.pngPrecision bearings and ordinary bearings serve similar fundamental purposes in machinery and equipment, which is to facilitate the smooth rotation of components. However, there are significant differences between the two in terms of their design, tolerances, and applications:

1.Tolerance and Manufacturing Precision:

Precision Bearings: These bearings are manufactured with extremely tight tolerances, resulting in a high degree of accuracy and consistency in their dimensions. They are typically designed to operate with minimal runout (deviation from a perfect circle), and the components are ground or machined to precise specifications.

Ordinary Bearings: Ordinary or standard bearings, on the other hand, have looser tolerances and are not as precisely manufactured as precision bearings. They are often made using more cost-effective production methods, such as stamping or casting, which may lead to slight variations in dimensions.

2.Radial Play and Axial Play:

Precision Bearings: Precision bearings are designed with minimal radial play (the amount of clearance or movement in the radial direction) and axial play (the amount of clearance or movement in the axial direction). This tight clearance minimizes vibration and ensures precise alignment in high-precision applications.

Ordinary Bearings: Ordinary bearings typically have more significant radial and axial play, which allows for more flexibility and can tolerate slight misalignments but may result in slightly less precise performance.

3.Application and Performance:

Precision Bearings: These bearings are used in applications where precise positioning, accuracy, and high-speed operation are critical. Examples include aerospace components, medical equipment, machine tools, robotics, and high-performance automotive components.

Ordinary Bearings: Ordinary bearings are suitable for less demanding applications where precision is not a primary concern. They are commonly found in everyday machinery and equipment, such as household appliances, conveyors, and simple automotive components.


Precision Bearings: Due to their high manufacturing precision and quality, precision bearings are typically more expensive than ordinary bearings.

Ordinary Bearings: Ordinary bearings are more cost-effective and are widely available in various sizes and types.

In summary, precision bearings are engineered and manufactured to meet stringent tolerances and are used in applications where accuracy and minimal play are essential. Ordinary bearings are less precise but more cost-effective and are used in a wide range of everyday machinery and equipment. The choice between precision and ordinary bearings depends on the specific requirements of the application and the level of precision needed.


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