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XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) Successfully Upgrades 3MK1450 Grinder to Improve Spherical Bearing Outer Raceway Processing!

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Dec 01,2023

Recently, the 3MK1450 grinding machine in the medium and large workshops of XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) Rail Transit Branch has finally succeeded in transforming the outer raceway of spherical bearings!

For many years, due to the lack of large-scale special equipment in XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ), the grinding of the outer ring raceway of larger-sized spherical roller bearings can only be processed by the Fancheng method on the M250 equipment. However, there are also disadvantages in using the Fancheng method for grinding, such as the grinding wheel during grinding. The contact area with the workpiece is large, and the grinding fluid cannot effectively cool the workpiece and generates a large amount of grinding heat. The accumulation of heat causes the temperature of the workpiece to rise rapidly, causing deformation and dimensional instability of the workpiece. In severe cases, grinding burns and grinding cracks often occur, causing serious problems. The product poses serious quality risks. At the same time, during the grinding process, the pressure exerted by the grinding wheel on the workpiece interacts with the grinding heat, which can easily cause the grinding wheel to break and injure people. Moreover, the size of the workpiece is completely controlled by the operator's experience, with large dispersion and extremely low fitting rate. In order to solve this production problem, the Rail Transit Branch established a technical transformation team and organized the backbone of production technology to focus on the transformation of the 3MK1450 grinder to process the outer raceway of spherical bearings using the cutting method.

XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) Successfully Upgrades 3MK1450 Grinder to Improve Spherical Bearing Outer Raceway!

It took about half a year from design, modification, test run to debugging. The modification of the spherical bearing outer raceway processed by the 3MK1450 grinder using the cutting method was finally completed. The product technology and quality fully meet the standard requirements. This project has low production costs and high economic benefits. Without affecting the structure and function of the original machine tool, it realizes the plunge grinding of the raceways of large and medium-sized spherical bearings (including spherical roller bearings and radial spherical bearings, etc.) function, successfully solved the problems of large dimensional dispersion and grinding defects in Fan Chengfa's grinding method, and significantly improved product quality. At the same time, it effectively reduces the labor intensity of operators and creates good conditions for automated production and one-man-multi-machine production.

XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) Successfully Upgrades 3MK1450 Grinder to Improve Spherical Bearing Outer Raceway!

In the next step, XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) will continue to deepen its innovative thinking, rely on the advantages of scientific research platforms such as national enterprise technology centers, national and local joint engineering laboratories, and postdoctoral workstations to vigorously implement technology-led projects, continuously optimize and improve production processes, and further strengthen the impact of technological innovation on production We will continue to play a leading role in the transformation and application of technological achievements, unswervingly follow the development pace of "specialization, specialization and innovation", and strive to make due contributions to the high-quality development of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Company Profile of NXZ

XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) is one of the largest bearing manufacturers in China and the first listed company in the national bearing industry. The company has a state-recognized enterprise technology center and post-doctoral research workstation, and now has more than 180 engineering and technical personnel with bachelor's degree or above. The company has a complete management system, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO/TS16949 automobile quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and other certifications, is a national level 1 measurement unit, national level 2 confidentiality qualification enterprise, and has obtained the national weapons equipment scientific research and production license qualification.

After becoming the actual controller in 2020, Ningxia State-owned Capital Operation Group Co., Ltd. has given great support to enterprises in terms of capital, technological innovation, talent training, etc. At present, the production units and relevant departments of the company are respectively engaged in specialized manufacturing, service, international trade and design research and development of bearing products, so that XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) has a comprehensive ability from design, research and development to manufacturing and international trade.

Contact NXZ:

Address:No.388, West Liupanshan Road, Yinchuan, Ningxia 750021, China



Contact Person:Jane Li,


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