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A variety of products from ZYS escorted China Chang'e 6 to complete the world first lunar back sampling

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Jun 07,2024

On June 4, 2024, the Chang'e-6 probe successfully completed the lunar back sampling mission and raised a bright five-star red flag on the lunar surface. A variety of products provided by ZYS provide key guarantees for the world's first sampling of the far side of the moon.

China chang'e satelite

To successfully obtain precious lunar soil, it is inseparable from the support of a series of key core technologies such as surface extraction and drilling. Among them, surface extraction uses a robotic arm to carry a sampling device to shovel lunar soil or pick up lunar rocks at multiple locations on the lunar surface; drilling uses a drill pipe to drill into the lunar surface to a predetermined depth to collect and maintain the "section sequence" Lunar soil core samples are more difficult and uncertain to sample.

In drilling sampling, the rotary shaft system of the drilling mechanism independently developed by Luoyang Bearing Research Institute plays an important role. As the main transmission mechanism of the drilling mechanism, this equipment can not only transmit the rotation torque generated by the rotary motor to the drilling tool, but also transmit the impact force generated by the drilling mechanism to the drilling tool, thereby realizing the rotation from the drilling mechanism to the drilling tool. The transmission with power is equivalent to the "arm" of Chang'e-6 when drilling and sampling, so that it can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh working conditions to ensure that the equipment "drills stably", and the structure is compact and fine adjustments can be made according to the actual situation. Achieve "drilling flexibility".

During this lunar exploration mission, Chang'e-6 also sent back a series of images taken after landing on the back of the moon. In this process, the products of the Axis Research Institute also achieved perfect performance. The high-precision, high-vacuum solid lubricated bearings used in the support mechanism of the Chang'e-6 camera ensure the normal and smooth operation of the camera, allowing Chang'e-6 to accurately capture image data; the bearings used in the sun-centering mechanism of the solar wing sailboard components, allowing it to rotate flexibly and provide sufficient power for the operation of Chang'e-6.

In addition, since the sampling site is located on the far side of the moon, in order to ensure communication, the Queqiao-2 relay satellite is needed to build a communication bridge. The high-precision, high-sensitivity, high-vacuum solid lubricated bearings of the microwave coaxial switch provided by the Axis Research Institute enable Queqiao-2 to maintain a highly stable and high-precision attitude and angle at all times, and can accurately transmit the received signals through different bands to ground.

Over the years, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute (ZYS )has given full play to its comprehensive technical advantages as a comprehensive research institute in the field of bearings. The key single machines and multiple bearing products developed have successively contributed to the "Shenzhou" series of manned spacecraft, "Tianwen" No. 1, China Space Station, etc. Major aerospace projects. In the future, the Axis Research Institute will continue to strengthen the scientific research capabilities of key core technologies, face difficulties, and help the development of my country's aerospace industry to a new level with high-quality independent innovative products and technical services.

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