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China Xinchang Bearings seizes the Future Industry

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Jun 13,2024

A few days ago, in the workshop of SKF's ball bearing production base in Wozhou Town, Xinchang County, a finger-sized aviation bearing was about to be packed into a packaging box after it came off the assembly line. "This batch of products has been booked and will be delivered soon." The relevant person in charge of the company told reporters that the aviation bearings have now been mass-produced at the production base.

China aerospace bearing

Aviation bearings are key components in the aerospace field, with high technical content and difficult research and development. International bearing parts, SKF has been producing aviation bearings for more than 180 years, but in the past they were produced in European and American factories. In 2018, SKF started producing aviation bearings in Xinchang High-tech Park and gradually grew into a Xinchang bearing chain-main enterprise.

With the support and development of domestic aerospace industry and low-altitude economy, SKF decided to localize aviation bearings. In 2022, SKF set up an aviation bearing production line in Xinchang and equipped a group of R&D personnel to start the localization of aviation bearings. In September last year, the first batch of aviation bearings successfully rolled off the production line and received unanimous praise from customers after delivery.

Xinchang is the hometown of bearings in China, with more than 400 bearing companies of all sizes gathered together. "Bearings may seem like a traditional industry, but through transformation and upgrading, huge new productivity can also be cultivated." The relevant person in charge of Xinchang High-tech Park said that in recent years, Xinchang bearing companies have actively seized new tracks, not only entering the aerospace field, but also New breakthroughs have also been made in the field of intelligent robots.

Harmonic reducer is one of the three core components in intelligent robot manufacturing and has been monopolized by foreign companies for a long time. Today, at Zhejiang Wuzhou Xinchun Group Co., Ltd., tapered roller bearings used in harmonic reducers have entered mass production. In the past six months, Wuzhou Xinchun's R&D team has greatly improved the product's anti-fatigue spalling and crack resistance through technical research, ensuring the transmission accuracy of the reducer. Up to now, Wuzhou Xinchun has developed 5 categories and a total of more than 10 core component products for complete humanoid robots.

Xinchang County HaiNa Renhe Bearing Co., Ltd. is also actively moving closer to the robot industry. In the company's production workshop, workers are producing the company's core product - tapered roller bearings. The person in charge of the company said that in recent years, through continuous research and development, they have substantially solved the performance problem of the RV reducer, a key component of the robot manipulator, and have become the leader in the domestic RV reducer tapered bearings segment.

For Xinchang Bearing to seize the "future industry", innovative allocation of production factors is a key link. This year, Xinchang County has taken "future industries" such as low-altitude economy and general-purpose intelligent robots as the main direction of developing new productive forces. It has not only released relevant industry development plans, but also built an innovation platform and established industrial funds to encourage local enterprises to enter the new track. .

The person in charge of Xinchang High-tech Park said that the next step will be to focus on the development of new productive forces, further coordinate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, improve the quality of advantageous industries, cultivate and expand emerging industries, and forward-looking layout of future industries, so as to create a new growth pole for county economic development.

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