Hsieh Chang Bearing Co. Ltd

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About Us

Mission Statement

HSIEH-CHANG BEARING CO., LTD. is always demanding the highest standard of professionalism and integrity of ourselves. With a commitment to quality service, we focus on satisfying customer needs and provide the best se...

Company History

1982 Aug Established HSIEH-CHANG BEARING CO., LTD. 1988 July Established branch in Taichung 1993 May Authorized distributor of GLH Housing 1999 February Authorized distributor of TORRINGTON bearings 1999 Octob...

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 Company name:  Hsieh Chang Bearing Co. Ltd
 Contact person:  Ivy Lin(Click to contact)
 Address:  NO. 17, Lane 139, Sec 2. Cherng Der Rd., TAIPEI, TAIWAN R.O.C.
 Telephone:  + 886 3 433-1567
 Fax:  + 886 3 433-1882
 Web site:  http://www.hsieh-chang.com