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Exploring the secret of the State Key Laboratory of Aviation Precision Bearings: Let foreign counterparts feel more pressure

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Oct 25,2021

Bearings, known as industrial joints are ubiquitous in industrial products and equipment. Any industrial product that needs to be rotated is inseparable from this part.

We in the domestic bearing industry to get the first too much, many of China 's bearing industry most records are maintained by Luoyang Bearing and broken by ourselves.... Speaking of laboratory research and development results, aviation precision bearings, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory Dong Hanjie is a bit Versailles.


State Key Laboratory Building of Aviation Precision Bearings

Located in the National Key Laboratory of Aviation Precision Bearings of Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd., it is the only national enterprise key laboratory in China’s bearing industry. Here, the bearing with the largest diameter and the highest degree of precision in China was born, as well as the largest domestic bearing product size. Bearings with the widest range, the widest application coverage and the most complete varieties have maintained a number of records in the Chinese bearing industry.


The most advanced fan bearing production line in China

As a component in contemporary machinery and equipment, bearings are like joints in human body structure, everywhere.

Reporters who have interviewed dozens of industrial companies have an inherent impression: in many companies, there will be a display wall showing the number one in the country or in the industry created by the company. But in the State Key Laboratory of Aviation Precision Bearings, the reporter did not find such a deserved credit.

Many times we are challenging ourselves and doing a national project, which is the first in the country for this type of bearing. This is basically impossible to count... When it comes to the laboratory's research and development results, Dong Hanjie is a bit Versailles.

Located in the mountains of Guizhou, the China Sky Eye FAST is the world's largest single-aperture spherical radio telescope. It can see accurately and far, and it can't do without the help of Luozhou. Dong Hanjie told reporters that the pupil of FAST-the feed cabin, contains the bearing products developed by the laboratory.

According to Dong Hanjie, in 2013, LUCC undertook the task of manufacturing bearings for the feeder cabin under the entrustment of the 54th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. This bearing installed in the feed cabin is used to adjust the position of the feed. It requires good rotational flexibility, small, uniform and stable friction torque. We overcome the problems of ferrule deformation during processing. Smooth delivery.

Small industries can also achieve large monopolies. Dong Hanjie said that this is not the first time that the bearing developed by the laboratory has become a supporting product for a major national project. The high-precision bearing developed by the laboratory has also been used on the Mozi ground station telescope, which is called Mozi. The realization of the connection between the world and the earth provides a solid technical guarantee.

Dong Hanjie said that the laboratory was approved for construction in September 2015 and has made outstanding achievements in the development of precision bearings for telescopes. Its products cover four major domestic research institutions and have successively supported the Ali Project-the world's highest original gravitational wave observatory telescope. The research and development of Yuanwang series measuring marine bearings has provided bearings for the most advanced scientific research projects in the field of astrophysics in China, which has consolidated the laboratory's leading level in the design and manufacture of precision telescope bearings.

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