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Solid Cage Structure of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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Aug 04,2022

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LBCN Cylindrical Roller Bearing

The materials used for the metal solid cage are mainly brass and bronze alloys, as well as cast iron and steel. The structure is mainly divided into two types: split type and integral type. The difference between the split structure is mostly in the connection method; On the improvement of bearing friction, operation and load performance.

Since the split cage needs to be formed as a whole to realize the function, the split is mainly for the convenience of the process, and the split connection still has the problem of unreliability. Therefore, with the advancement of technology, the application of the overall cage will be more and more. more.

1. Split cage

1.1: Split pillar riveted cage
The split strut riveted cage consists of half cages, baffles and rivets, and is generally guided by rollers, as shown in the figure above. The semi-cage and baffle are generally made of copper, and the rivets are generally made of low-carbon steel. Cylindrical roller bearings with cages of this structure are more commonly used, and have the advantages of low friction, low temperature rise, low noise, high strength, and easy processing, and are suitable for high-speed and heavy-load conditions. The disadvantage is that the existence of rivet holes weakens the strength of the cage, and improper riveting will cause loosening.

1.2: Split self-riveting cage
The split self-riveting cage is composed of a half cage and a baffle. The end of the half-cage beam is provided with a riveting head, and the baffle is provided with a riveting hole, which can realize self-riveting without rivets, as shown in the figure above. The structure cage is similar in structure to the split-type strut riveted cage, and the technical principle and application characteristics are basically the same. The difference lies in the connection method of the split-type cage.

1.3: Pillar type cage
The strut-type cage of cylindrical roller bearings is connected together by struts, as shown in the figure above. One end of the strut is threaded, one end is screwed on a retaining ring of a cage, passes through the hollow roller, and the other end is welded to another retaining ring of the cage. Sometimes, in heavy duty applications, both ends of the struts need to be welded. When the cage is a pillar-type design, it can accommodate a large number of rollers, and the bearing capacity is high. It is generally used for large bearings, such as rolling mill bearings.

2: the overall cage

2.1: Integral straight window cage
The structure of the integral straight window hole cage is shown in the figure above. The cage is generally guided by the outer ring or the inner ring, and the straight window holes have locking points to lock the rollers. Compared with the split cage, the integral cage has higher strength and more reliable work, but it is relatively difficult to process, and the window hole generally needs to be broached.

2.2 Integral arc angle window hole cage
The structure of the integral arc angle window hole cage is shown in the figure above. Because the inner surface of the lintel is an arc surface, it is convenient for the rollers to guide and lubricate, but it increases the processing difficulty. This structure can mainly avoid the interference between the corner of the pocket lintel and the roller, minimize the stress concentration at the corner, and facilitate lubrication.
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