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What are the advantages of using cross roller bearings for industrial robots?

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Jun 14,2023

What are the advantages of using cross roller bearings for industrial robots?


Industrial robots are robotic systems specifically designed and programmed for performing various tasks in industrial settings. They are automated machines that can manipulate objects, tools, or materials, and are widely used in manufacturing, production, and assembly processes. Industrial robots are equipped with mechanical arms or manipulators that can be controlled to perform precise and repetitive tasks with high accuracy and efficiency.

They offer several benefits to manufacturers, including increased productivity, improved product quality, reduced labor costs, enhanced worker safety, and the ability to handle tasks that are repetitive, dangerous, or require high precision. They have revolutionized various industries and continue to play a significant role in automation and manufacturing processes worldwide.


So It is necessary to choose suitable bearings. And we usyally use cross roller bearings for industrial robots, but why?

Because cross roller bearings offer several advantages for industrial robots:


1.High Rigidity: Cross roller bearings are designed with crossed rollers arranged at a 90-degree angle to each other. This configuration provides high rigidity in multiple directions, allowing the robot to handle heavy loads and maintain stability during operation. The increased rigidity minimizes deflection and ensures precise positioning and repeatability.

2.Space Efficiency: Cross roller bearings have a compact design that allows for efficient use of space within the robot's structure. The crossed roller arrangement enables a large number of rollers to be packed into a small footprint, resulting in a high load-carrying capacity within a limited space.

3.High Load Capacity: Due to their unique structure, cross roller bearings can withstand both radial and axial loads simultaneously. The crossed arrangement of rollers distributes the load evenly, enhancing the bearing's load-carrying capacity. This capability is crucial for industrial robots that often handle heavy payloads and perform complex tasks.

4.Precise Motion Control: Cross roller bearings provide excellent rotational accuracy and smooth motion. The minimal rolling friction and optimized raceway design minimize torque fluctuations and ensure precise positioning control of the robot arm. This precision is crucial for tasks requiring high accuracy, such as pick-and-place operations, assembly, and machining.

5.Minimal Elastic Deformation: Cross roller bearings exhibit low elastic deformation under load. This characteristic is advantageous for applications where maintaining the positional accuracy of the robot is critical. The reduced elastic deformation minimizes the effects of backlash and hysteresis, contributing to better overall performance and repeatability.

6.Low Friction and Wear: The crossed roller design reduces the contact angle between the rollers and the raceways, resulting in lower friction and wear. This feature contributes to extended service life, reduced maintenance requirements, and improved operational efficiency of the robot.

7.Sealing and Contamination Resistance: Many cross roller bearings are available with integrated sealing features to protect the bearing from dust, debris, and other contaminants. This sealing helps to maintain the bearing's performance and extends its lifespan in harsh industrial environments.

Overall, the advantages of using cross roller bearings in industrial robots include high rigidity, compactness, high load capacity, precise motion control, minimal elastic deformation, low friction and wear, and sealing capabilities. These characteristics make cross roller bearings a preferred choice for demanding robotic applications that require accuracy, stability, and durability.



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