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XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd Successfully Completed Face to Face Exchange Activities with Investors

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Jun 27,2023

On June 19, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Ningxia Securities Regulatory Bureau and Ningxia Securities and Futures Fund Industry Association organized the theme activity of "Be Vigorous and Strive for New Journey Investment and Education Service and Start Again" and "Here Comes the Shareholder", and organized investors to go to XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) (stock code: 000595) to observe and research on the spot, which is also the first time that XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) has accepted investors' on-site research on a large scale in recent years.

XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd Successfully Completed Investor Face to Face Exchange Activities

Investors and media reporters have visited the company's national enterprise technology center, research and development base, and rail transit branch, gaining a detailed understanding of the XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ)'s development history, research and development capabilities, core competitive business, and main product production.

XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd Successfully Completed Investor Face to Face Exchange Activities

Li Changsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ), Guo Weihong, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors, and Li Hongbin, Chief Engineer of Northwest Bearing, had in-depth exchanges with investors. Investors enthusiastically asked questions, and the on-site atmosphere was positive and warm. The investors have gained a detailed understanding of the XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ)'s production, operation, and internal control management, and are satisfied with the communication and response questions. Investors said that since the actual control and management of XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) in Ningxia State owned Capital Operation Group, its production and operation have significantly improved and are developing to a better level. Hope XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) will strive to improve its performance and bring sustained and good returns to investors.

XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd Successfully Completed Investor Face to Face Exchange Activities

Zhang Xuefeng, Director of the Investor Service Department of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, pointed out that as the main body of market organization, market supervision and market service, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, through organizing investment and education activities, aims to publicize and implement major market reform institutional arrangements to investors and listed companies, advocate rational investment concepts, and further build the foundation for high-quality development of the capital market. In recent years, XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) has done a lot of effective work in improving business quality, internal control management, and other aspects. We hope to continue to focus on various aspects of work and continuously improve the quality of the XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ)'s development.

Through this activity, we built a bridge between small and medium-sized investors and listed companies in Close encounter, so that investors can make on-the-spot investigation on the operation of listed companies, feel the corporate culture of listed companies, promote the management level of listed companies, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd Successfully Completed Investor Face to Face Exchange Activities

More than 30 institutional and individual investors including Huafu Securities participated in the event, including media outlets such as Securities Daily, Panorama Network, Ningxia Daily, Yinchuan Daily, Ningxia Legal Daily, and Ningxia Finance Network.

Company Profile of NXZ

XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) is one of the largest bearing manufacturers in China and the first listed company in the national bearing industry. The company has a state-recognized enterprise technology center and post-doctoral research workstation, and now has more than 180 engineering and technical personnel with bachelor's degree or above. The company has a complete management system, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO/TS16949 automobile quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and other certifications, is a national level 1 measurement unit, national level 2 confidentiality qualification enterprise, and has obtained the national weapons equipment scientific research and production license qualification.

After becoming the actual controller in 2020, Ningxia State-owned Capital Operation Group Co., Ltd. has given great support to enterprises in terms of capital, technological innovation, talent training, etc. At present, the production units and relevant departments of the company are respectively engaged in specialized manufacturing, service, international trade and design research and development of bearing products, so that XiBei Bearing Co.,Ltd (NXZ) has a comprehensive ability from design, research and development to manufacturing and international trade.

Contact NXZ:

Address:No.388, West Liupanshan Road, Yinchuan, Ningxia 750021, China



Contact Person:Jane Li,


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